Episode Guide

The coming-of-age tale of second-generation Vietnamese Australian teenager Phi Nguyen and her relationship with her overbearing, loving, embarrassing, hard-working, exasperating mother Kim Huong. Phi just wants to hang out with her best friend Harr, take VCE Drama, and kiss a nice boy like Danny. Her mum just wants her to get straight A-plus, take specialist math, never speak to boys, help with the sewing and cleaning, never talk back, become a doctor, and give something to brag about to all the aunties and uncles. As Phi and Kim Huong talk, fight, and make up, Phi comes to learn more about her mum’s journey, her mysterious father, and herself.


Episode 1 - Drama

Kim Huong reacts rather extremely when Phi tells her she wants to take drama classes and that Lucy Liu is her idol. Kim Huong’s meeting with Phi’s drama teacher has explosive consequences.

Episode 2 - Pho Time

Kim Huong makes Phi ninja-fight for their family honour and the right to pay the lunch bill at the local Pho restaurant, all so as not to lose face in front of Kim’s big boss Ba Ox.

Episode 3 - Library

Overprotective Kim Huong makes a big scene at the library, embarrassing Phi in front of her crush, Danny. Kim Houng becomes a viral Youtube sensation.

Episode 4 - Aunty 8

Sibling rivalry rears its head when Aunty 8 comes to visit.
Drama escalates as Kim Huong and Phi uncover each other’s secrets.

Finale - The Show

Mother and daughter come to a new level of respect and understanding. It’s not a big transition from tiger mum to stage mum.