A five-part webseries about 16-year-old Phi Nguyen and her over-the-top tiger mum Kim Huong, who is a constant source of embarrassment as she does everything she can to help her daughter have a better life.

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Review by Alice Pung
Review by Alice PungWriter, Growing Up Asian In Australia
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"We loved the series, and laughed so much - at times, with cringing embarrassment, collective empathy, and even genuine pathos. Who knew there were so many different ways to laugh at ourselves? Phi and Me is probably the opposite of Crazy Rich Asians. In fact, it is probably more Calculating Poor Asians, and that's where most of the humour and energy comes from. In Phi's mother Kim, I saw my mother - even down to the colour preferences for her fashion - bright brights and lots of bling. My mother also works in Springvale currently, and so it was very moving to see the streets she visits every day portrayed so lovingly and accurately."

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